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Electrical and Instrumentation

Cable Try Installation

Being a noticeable firm of market, we are rendering Cable Tray Installation Service. This service is handled by experts who use advanced technique to render this service as per customer’s demand.

E&I Cable Pulling Termination and Testing

At INCO, we ensure project success by leveraging our experience in designing and building cable pull-in systems and executing cable pull-ins for export to substation and inter-array cables in WTG foundations. From there, we complete the scope by safely terminating and test the cable in the switchgear.

E&I Equipment Installation (Junction Boxes, Panels, Sockets)

We perform a high service level of Equipment Installation, taking into consideration safety. The distribution or clamping and branching of current-carrying connections with the aid of junction boxes is elementary. But regardless of where and how many cables need to be jammed and branched, a few basic cable routing requirements always apply. The connections must be protected against environmental influences such as dust, water, mechanical impact, and access by unauthorized persons – regardless of whether the junction boxes are installed in damp rooms, in sensitive industrial areas or outdoors.

Instruments Installation

The INCO Instrumentation team provides customized instrumentation installations, and service. Our instrumentation team takes pride in their ability to meet project schedules and exceed expectations of our customers. In addition to installations, we can provide calibration, commissioning, preventive maintenance, and start up assistance for any size and type of project.

- Instrument and control maintenance
- Hydraulic and pneumatic tubing
- Custom tubing layout and installation
- Instrumentation sourcing
- Calibration and bench testing services
- System evaluation and testing
- Valve rebuilding
- Distributed control system (DCS)
- Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
- Instrument panel and rack fabrication
- Start up and checkout assistance
- Shutdown Planning & Coordination
- Facility Maintenance
- Shutdown and outage work
- Maintenances Planning & Coordination

Tubing Installation

When installing and tubing instruments and control valves in the field, there are many factors that need to be considered that can distinguish a bad installation from a great one. Being a full-service instrument and control valve certified company, we know how to make your installations look great and more importantly work great. The following are a few examples of what you are getting when you use us for your project.

 Functionality- Instruments must be located properly for optimal functionality.

Instrument Location- Appropriately located out of walk ways and at heights standard to a customer’s expectations.

Tubing Location- Tubing should look great, but it should be installed in a way that it functions properly for the application as well as be out of the way and not easily contorted or damaged.

Future Maintenance- One of the biggest oversights by installers is consideration of future maintenance.  As Instrument Technicians we always have our eye on making sure your installation is not only going to look great and function properly, but it will be setup in a way that makes the most sense for technicians that will be working on it for years to come.

Loop Checks

Loop checking is the final process before the commissioning of the processing system. Loop checking is the process that confirms the components wired correctly and helps to ensure that the system is functioning as designed.

Commissioning Support

For hands-on commissioning services, INCO is an industry leader. We focus on complex, large-scale facilities for government, private and Oil and Gas clients. Our team provides comprehensive commissioning services from startup to project delivery with the capabilities to bring your project through planning, design, construction, and turnover, on time and on budget.